Apple Watch 2

Are you a die-hard fan of apple brand? Well, I’m sure you must be. You must have heard about the apple watch 2 that was previously launched by apple brand. Well, once again apples have launched their best watch 2 with a better upgrade along with lots of amazing features that will surprise the users.

Apple watches 2 has a lot of advantages for the users since it has lots of amazing features that are very important for one and all such as GPS tracking, waterproof and provides a swim tracking inside the water as well as in the open air. Well to be honest Apple watch 2 is specially launched for the sportsman.

Well, this Apple watch 2 is the second series of the Apple Company that first brought the smart watch generation in the world.

Features of Apple Watch 2:

Apple Watch 2 has amazingly upgraded with lots of awesome features compared to the first series. So check out the amazing features of Apple watch that are given below:

  • Apple watch series has an in built GPS tracker.
  • It has up to 50 meters of water resistant so you can easily wear it and swim or surf.
  • This Apple watch has upgraded with the generation of S2 chip that ultimately speeds up its awesome performance.
  • Some free sports of apps are also upgraded in this latest Smart watch of Apple watch 2 series.
  • A suite of health oriented and fitness also are added in the series of Apple watch series.
  • Apple watch has a long battery life up to 18 to 20 hours.

Pros of Apple Watch 2:  

  • Apple watches 2 series has upgraded with in built features of GPS tracker that will easily help you out to track all the workouts without the requirements of taking an iPhone devices.
  • Apple Watch has set with lots of amazing sports apps.
  • The watch series also has an amazing feature that has added a water resistant up to 50 meters. So you can ultimately wear it inside the water and swim or can also wear while surfing.
  • Long battery life that lasts up to 18 to 20 hours a day.
  • It performs well with new GPU as well as the S2 chip is added in this Apple Watch 2 series.
  • It has upgraded with a brighter display at 1,000 Nits.

Cons of Apple Watch 2:   

  • Apple watch has too short of battery life.
  • No fitness features as expected.
  • Price is too high compared to the less upgraded features.

So, this is all about the Apple watch 2 that has recently launched. The users till now are very happy and content with the features and functions that Apple Watch has upgraded. So if you are a fan of Apple brand and eagerly waiting for the launched of this watch than hurry goes and grab it in the market or in all online stores, as it is available in three colors that are pink, white and black color.

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