Aprilia SR 150

When you think of an Italian exotic on two wheels, a few things bring in my mind and Aprilia is one of them. Because they make a fast and technology loaded motorcycle which like most Italian exotic is out of reach for a common man like us. But luckily when it comes to an auto expo in 2016. The dreaming of owning Aprilia came to a real world. Thanks to Aprilia SR 150…!

Yes, it is a scooter, but it got lots of attitudes are, the twin headlamps embedded in a point of tweaks v hard achieved.

But from some angle, the front can look somewhat awkward. However, there is sharply designed for all the plastic panel. The racy graphics add to the sportiness of the SR 150. The stunts pack to the attitude as well.

There are also large 14inch wheels with misty rubber and telescopic forks. This will give you confidence and an aggressive look.


But being an Italian it has plenty of need details as well, like the floating affront panel, the flush folding pillion foot pads. The contrast

The contrast color seat and a split grab grill all put together is quite a head turner.

Now when it comes to modern-day scooters we use getting lots of extra features like remote release for the boot and well lots of space to store enough or a LED light to illuminate the boot or a remote for a fuel filler or charging point or a USB point, but sadly the SR 150 has none of that.

What it has instead is an engine, a really strong engine….!

Features, specifications, and reviews of Aprilia SR 150:

The SR 150 use the 154cc engine derived from Vespa 150 and it has 11.6hp and 11.5Nm of torque. But the engine boosts as a crankcase to adapt for the SR 150 size.

On the road this Aprilia feels fast…the ease which its gets to 80kmph is quite shocking and its ability to get 100kmph is quite impressive.

What’s make you more impressive is that it got a strong low-speed response as well, which will make living through city traffic much easier and fun.

Now, this is really funny, you may have figured that the torque, power figures are same as Vespa 150. But apparently, Aprilia engineers have made sudden changes to their engines, but they are not willing to share just to what they have done…!

They wanted to make Aprilia the fastest scooters in India and right now it does really feel like it.

But What’s really impressive is outline par, but it’s the response of the engine and the drive train the way they work with the throttle input is just so precise and so connected. This is the things that we do not normally expect or get with the other scooters.


And you know there are a couple of rough edges for instance that I do can feel the vibration and at the bar, you can feel the punching apparently and well note from the engine is a bit rough edge. But when you get going, it doesn’t matter this unveil breakers and when you hit the road you will forget all about it because that’s where the chassis comes into play.

But when you get going, it doesn’t matter this unveil breakers and when you hit the road you will forget all about it because that’s where the chassis comes into play.

The Aprilia SR 150 uses a two-wheeler underbone chassis, a telescopic front fork, a mono-shock at the rear.

  • 120/70, 14inch wheel rubber tire,
  • There is 220 mm disc brake Bybre and a two 240 mm drum brake at the rear.

This entire put together promises a lot. And the Aprilia does deliver….!

The brakes are definitely strong enough to hold your speed, but handfuly they aren’t too sharp.

The suspension keeps the body movement inject, so you can really chuck it in the corners.

Thanks to the large wheels, the Aprilia SR 150 doesn’t tweak to steer and it gives you lot of stability through the corner and at a higher speed.

The wheel rubber tire delivers a perfect grip and despite everything, it offers a proper grip in a turning radius.

Now, the only downside to this setup is the over repeal tarmac feel quite rough the suspension feels quite. But when it comes to a higher speed the rider feels quite comfortable.

The best thing is the way its built along with the large tires, even when you hit the potholes you won’t feel the glimpse and crash into it.

  • The rider seat is quite generous, wide and well cushioned, the pillion seat is in a smaller size where the height is 775mm.

The rider seat is eventually comfy and enough room for the taller rider, but the legroom isn’t much as compared to the other scooters.

  • There is installed 6ltr petrol tank which is enough to give a wide range.
  • When it comes to a boot space, it has a bigger size enough to store one-half helmet.

The simple flash switch includes a pass light in it which is a handy feature. However, the old analog instrument cluster looks a bit boring, there is no digital display to keep your cost down.

  • However, the bold looking scooter Aprilia sr 150 will cost Rs.65000 ex-showroom, and it will be available in all the Vespa showroom across the country.

In comparison to the other scooter in the country, Aprilia SR 150 will cost you a little more than the others.

SO, at the end of the day if you are looking for the scooter with huge features Aprilia isn’t for you, it is for the person who is looking for the great engine, fun, and excitement. And eventually, Aprilia SR 150 makes a better improvement with the price ranging from your pocket budget. The last, not the least I would love to say that Aprilia is not a scooter but after riding it I would definitely say that it has got the soul of a strong motorcycle. Eventually, I would call it a good scoot.

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