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What is an Android device for? If you don’t take advantage of all the necessities that are provided for free absolutely by the device itself? Do you know that Android devices greatest stability is their apps ecosystems? To use in a special way you must indeed have an Android apps that will help you in different ways.

Most of the people must have known the best free apps for their Android devices but maximum people don’t have any idea about the best free apps for their Android devices unless someone among the friends suggests them.

So, Well I’m here today to suggests you some of the latest and best free apps 2017 for your Android devices. If you are an android user still hunting for the latest and best apps for your devices than I suppose my articles will definitely help you decide to choose the best free apps which will satisfy you.

Before we go through the best free apps let me clear you that since this is a digital world so there are tons of Android apps available for your Android devices, some are provided for premium versions which is definitely going to cost you some bucks while purchasing it, and some absolutely provided for free in your app store. The choice is all yours which one you wanted to choose for your devices. I’m sure you wanted the best apps after-all everyone to love their own devices and so you do.

Top 6 Best Free Android Apps 2017:

So mentioned bellowed are some of the best and latest free Android apps for 2017 that is provided for free absolutely without costing any charge. If you are an android user you should definitely go through it and get a chance to select the best apps for your devices.

  1. 1Weather:

1Weather is definitely provided for free. As well as also you can purchase it with $1.99 for more extra features like you can remove unwanted ads through the premium versions. We off-course can’t predict our life like what is going to happen next or tomorrow but since we live in a digital world there’s one thing that we can predict easily and that’s obviously a weather.

Through the help of this 1Weather, you can easily check it out the complete details about the weather which you are going to face it such as sunny, rainy, hazy, cloudy, stormy, etc. This app has an amazing designs and best about it is that it comes with different amazing kinds of stuff like apart from checking out the current weather, it also has widgets, forecast, predictions, and graphs, enjoys the facts of meteorology and many others like moon and sun tracker etc.

  1. Feedly:  

Feedly application is one of the best Android news apps through which you can get all the latest news updates. If you are interested to read all the latest updates and news on your Android devices than this app is one of the best options provided for you. This app supports YouTube channels, podcast and many more others. This app is completely provided for free and has a friendly user interface, so you can easily be used the app without facing any complications or difficulties.

  1. Maps and Waze:

The two most important navigations must have on your Android devices are Google Maps and Waze. While Google Maps enables you to check out your directions turn by turn, along with the view of business and its reviews and some other kind of stuff. On the other hands, Waze lets you check the route and the traffic.

This app is absolutely provided for free in your Google play store. So through the help of this two powerful app navigation, you can easily travel to any unknown location without any complications and check out the traffic route.  If you are an Android user you sure must have this app as it is very simple and easy to use.

  1. Blue Mail:

Emails are important for every individual. It enables you to receive and send emails, pictures, files and documents, videos, mp3 and many others. Blue Mail is one of the most popular and genuine free Android apps with amazing features and simple designs, it helps you to keep your emails accordingly in line.

Blue Mail has come up with tons of amazing features that make the app popular such as you can customize your experience by blocking notifications for certain periods of time, widgets, Android wears support, color coding for an organization and many others. Whether you are just a student or a co-worker Blue Mail is very important for each and every one of us. So if you are an Android user don’t miss out this app.

  1. Cooler Master:

If you are a nonstop browser like me, then it’s obvious that you will need this app as it instantly helps you to cool your Android devices. When you browse nonstop your phone gets heated especially during the hot and unbearable weather.

Cooler Master enables you to detect and clean up the overheating apps within a second and close those apps especially those that are overheating your apps. You can easily download and installed this app from Google play store for free absolutely.

  1. Camera 360:

For all the selfie lovers who want to modify their picture perfect can definitely download and installed this app for free in Google play store from your Android device. Who don’t like to click a beautiful picture where you look fair and beautiful from your normal looks to upload in social media so, for that purpose technology has especially invented this awesome and amazing app where you will look gorgeous and mind blowing when clicking pictures from this particular app camera360 the latest version.


These are the best free Android apps 2017 where you can easily download and installed it from your Google Play store for free absolutely. Simply download these amazing apps for your Android device and stay cool all time. I hope my suggestions help you decide to choose the best apps without any more confusion and keep on depending on your friends.

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