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The game is one of the best options for Smartphone users to spend their leisure time and they love it. The need of Game Booster Apps immersed because sometimes many of us find difficulties to play certain games as it becomes slow. Haven’t you encountered this problem once in a while? Tell me, how do you feel?

The reason behind me asking you this is because it is most likely that your Smartphone doesn’t work so well with some particular games. This happens when your Phone has a slower processor or RAM. But you still want to play; well I have good news for you. The only solution for this is Game Booster App. It is an exceedingly powerful tool to play games in best possible performance.

What does it do?

Game Booster Apps not only enhances your phone’s performance but it makes a huge difference to your slow phone. It helps to run almost any game smoothly. Game Booster Apps concentrates on releasing Ram so that the processor could focus on the operation of the particular game you want to play. For improved performance, you have to put it into the Game Booster.

For your better gaming experience, I listed a couple of best Game Booster apps for Android. This will solve the problem and unleash the potential of your phone. Just have a look and bring your gaming experience to next level.

Top 6 Game Booster Apps for Android:

  1. CM Game Booster

Cm Game Booster is powered to you by Cheetah Mobile Play. This App has been downloaded and installed for over 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 times. Just with one tap and your problem with gaming performance is solved. Users from the worldwide prefer this App. If you are curious about your phone’s performance you should definitely download this App and see for yourself.

cm game booster app


  • It requires 2.2 or up Android versions.
  • It easily discovers your installed games automatically.
  • When launched it fully Optimize and boost your game by 30%+.
  • It automatically detects and solves RAM problems.
  • It also solves RAM problem when you exit the game.
  • The best App for quick performance increase.


    BOOSTER is offered by Trend Micro. It actually works and gives you the best gaming experience and this is why it is the choice of millions of people around the globe. It updates you with the latest upcoming games and brand new Apps. It not only optimizes the memory and clear Junk files but also allows creating game folders.
    dr booster


  • One tap and your phone are 23% faster.
  • Automatically sort out application problem; as a result, it saves your time.
  • Within 2 weeks of its release, it ranked #1 in top new free app and widgets category.
  • Boost your device and speeds up with an average of 22%.
  • Downloaded more than 5,000,000 times.



Game Booster is offered by burakon. It speeds up your device by optimizing the Central processing unit, RAM and other useful related Tune-ups to enhance maximum performance. In fact, it is the return of the legend. It optimizes RAM, CPU and other essential services for optimal performance on gaming.

game booster 3


  • Requires 4.1 or better versions of Android.
  • Absolutely smooth gaming without lag.
  • Optimize and offers a boost for any Apps.
  • The maximum game performance with advanced game booster modes.
  • It liberates the actual potential of your phone.
  • Doesn’t require rooting of your device.
  • Advanced with Linux CPU management with better control.



Wise game booster temporarily suspends unnecessary Apps that suppress your device’s performance. The best thing about it is that it optimizes your and reduce the risk of discontinuing the error process. It is very easy and user-friendly as it analyses and suggests the necessary actions for all process and service.

smart booster


  • Optimize your device by hibernate.
  • Cleans junk files by efficient scanning.
  • Adaptively boost your Device’s RAM from anywhere.
  • One click and all your cache files are gone.
  • Kills most of the less concerned Apps.
  • Easy backups and easy uninstalling unused Apps.
  • Auto-boost under RAM availability and timing conditions.



It is the most capable software that optimizes Android games. It not only speeds up your game launch but also halts background Apps that secretly consumes CPU and Temperature issues. In fact the best choice for the user who wants their phone to speed up.

swift gamer


  • Just one tap and your game run faster than ever.
  • Lets your device cool down and monitor temperature while gaming.
  • It protects your games automatically when you start playing the game.
  • Conserves battery which ultimately results in 60%+ extra gameplay time.
  • Auto manages the game and lets you find them easily in the home screen folder.
  • Lets you lock game easily with the addition of timer locking system allowing children to play games and get locked when time gets over.
  • It analyzes every day and month to record your App’s date use.


  1. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is trusted by over 230 million users. It is the App that offers all-in-one. It is a thrash cleaner; speed booster plus antivirus that optimizes your background app keep your device safe from virus. It is, in fact, the best cache cleaner and RAM booster.

DU speed booster


  • The best speed booster that tremendously speeds up your device by 60%.
  • Powerful junk cleaner by intelligently removing disused files.
  • Better gaming experience by improved speed up to 30%.
  • Latest antivirus technology to protect against viruses.
  • Scan memory card contents, new Apps, and installed Apps.
  • Charging boost by 20% faster.
  • CPU cooler and monitoring temperature.

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For any additional inquiry regarding memory boost, you can ask anything. Drop your comments below and I’ll be there ASAP. I hope the content was informative and thank you for reading. Keep visiting and keep updating yourself with the latest information. The above-mentioned Apps are the best Memory Booster currently. Choose a suitable App and enhance your device’s speed.

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