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Bluehost web hosting is well-known for its best features and providing satisfactory to its genuine customers with its best services. It was early founded by famous person Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton in Utah and Provo. Bluehost literally have more than 750 staff who is working round the hour. It being the most recommended hosting by provides the most wonderful features i.e., allowing just one single click installation to all the provided plans of Bluehost. To know more about Bluehost review stay tuned with me till the end of the content.

I would personally recommend Bluehost to all of my dear friends, as I have been using for last couples of years. It has never annoyed me unlike the other hosting, which made me had a bad experience ever in my entire life. I rate Bluehost web hosting five stars out of five according to my user experience.

However, if you do go research on the internet about the best web hosting, probably it will be Bluehost along with the top hosting A2Hosting and Hostgator. The start date is back in 1996 which term it to be the most trusted brand known than others.

Here in my post I will take you on a tour and show you the best features with the help of my account. In fact, I will also share you some of the special deal for the manual visitors down below.

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bluehost review

I bet as you are done with this Bluehost review, literally you will be able to catch up what is the best and disadvantage with this hosting. So, stay tuned to know more about its best features.

Beyond to its question, they indeed have built a solid reputation for over a decade, eventually when it comes to WordPress hosting.

Bluehost is also listed in the official recommended hosting providers for WordPress blogs. It also offers great deals, tools, and resources for its valuable WordPress customers.

Are you ready to get deeper? I will take you down deep with more valuable details with my Bluehost review.

  • The start up plans comes with the 100 emails accounts. However, it has been noticed that both the Business Pro plans and Plus offers unlimited email accounts for the users.
  • The advanced cPanel eventually makes much easier to control and configure the sites.
  • The best part is that you will be provided unmetered bandwidth with all the existing accounts.
  • You will be also offered worth $200 with the marketing offer bonuses.
  • The plans will be at cheaper rates at the first glance, but not all are the same as you see them. You can start with $2.95 per month along with shared hosting. Else the starter will cost you around $7.99 per month which is quite reasonable. But if you do want the WP plans, it is quite expensive which is starting at $12.49 per month.

Ideas for Choosing The Right Level of Service – Bluehost Review:

Surprisingly Bluehost offers five different hosting plans for its customers.

  • Cloud Sites.
  • VPS hosting.
  • WordPress hosting.
  • Shared hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting.

Seeking for the cheapest and basic hosting, then shared hosting will be very convenient for you, because most of the beginners and small business customers do use it for their web hosting.  If you do want to have something really expensive, then probably dedicated hosting is in the top section, which comes with abundant features and it is indeed appropriate for the commercial firms. Along with the dedicated hosting, you will be renting a physical server.

bluehost server

The VPS hosting will allow you to share your physical server with others, but you will able to use the virtual operating system so that the server does functions as a physical server. Well, let’s have a look at all the Bluehost plans.

VPS Hosting:

  • The Standard price is $14.99 for the first month, and up to $29.99.
  • The Enhanced price is $29.99 for the first month, and up to $59.99.
  • The Premium price is $44.99for the first month, and up to $89.99.
  • The Ultimate price is $59.99 for the first month, and up to $119.99.

The above price listed is the typical cost for the VPS hosting across the industry-wide. From the first two plans, you will be provided 2 CPU cores and up to 3 and 4 cores for the first two plans. You will also be provided 30GB SAN storage to the entire lowest tier, which is up to 240 GB to the entire highest tier.

The RAM will be ranging from 2GB to 8GB. Surprisingly you will be also provided with 1TB of bandwidth for all the standard level, and up to 4TB for all the premium and Ultimate level. Straightforward every single tier will include one single domain, where the standard tier eventually includes one IP address and also the rest will be provided. However, the entire plan is packed with 24/7 support and also offers a money back guarantee.

WordPress Hosting:

  • The price of Blogger is $12.49 for the first month and up to $24.99
  • The price of Professional is $37.50 for the first month and up to $74.99
  • The price of Business is $60.00 for the first month and up to $119.99
  • The price of Enterprise is $85.00 for the first month and up to $169.99

Comparing to other web hosting plans this seems to be little expensive. But WordPress hosting on Bluehost is something really amazing and stunning, as it is also one of the most popular company worldwide.

The features of Blogger level will include over 100 million visits per single month, which includes 30GB of storage, 30GB of backup space, 2GB of RAM and also enable to at least five sites. You will be also provided one single domain along with one IP address. However, the additional features will include enhanced cPanel, SiteLock Pro for the security purpose and also the SiteLock CDN.

But in the Enterprise top-level plan you will be provided unlimited monthly visit with 240GB of both backup and storage space, 8GB RAM and up to 30 sites. It will also provide you one domain and IP address including the cPanel and the SiteLock CDN/WAF Pro. The best thing you get with Enterprise plan is the Positive Wildcard SSL.

However, for the best services they are packed up with 24/7 and also the money back guarantee. Along with this plans, you will be provided automatic plug-in updates and also the regular backups.

As, you must have come across in the above, that it provides the best features, but although you must be having doubt “Why would I pay for WordPress hosting at a higher rate?” Well, to be honest Bluehost plays an important role in the community of WordPress and got core developers within it, which briefly indicates that it provides customer support very well and also troubleshoot in terms of complex issue.

I don’t mean that Bluehost is the best option for you. You can also go for some other hosting like “Hostgator” at a cheaper rate.

Shared Hosting:

  • The Starter plans begin with $3.49 per month, however, it can go ranging up to $7.99 per month at regular price.
  • The Plus plan starts at a regular price for $10.49 per month.
  • The Business Pro plan starts at $23.99 per month.

All three plans are offering a great price with big deals. But you can start up with a Starter level which will provide you one single website, unmetered bandwidth and 100GB of space. The best thing is you will be provided one domain, 25 subdomains, and a 5parked domain. Going to the additional features it eventually includes 100 email accounts along with 500MB of storage and a reward of $50 for marketing offers.

The Plus plan and the Business plans will offer you all unlimited bandwidth, websites and a unmetered space which are really amazing. You also get one single domain included along with the unlimited parked domains and sub-domains.

In terms of emails accounts storage, it offers all unlimited, also offering $200 for the marketing. The Plus plan eventually includes the Global CDN along with the Spam experts which is really great for the users.

However, in the Business Pro plan, it will include up to $180 for the extra annual benefits along with the two SpamExperts, SiteBackup Pro, one single SSL, domain privacy, one dedicated IP address and an enhanced performance.

Dedicated Hosting:

  • The Standard plan starts with a price $74.99 for the first month and $149.99 from the following month.
  • The Enhanced plan starts with $99.99 for the first month and $199.99 from the following month.
  • The Premium plan starts with $124.99 for the first month and $124.99 from the following month.

In Dedicated hosting plans, both the Standard and an Enhanced plan will provide you 4 x 2.5GHz CPU. However, the Premium plan comes with 4 x 3.3GHz CPU. You will get storage of 1B and a RAM which starts from 4GB up to 16GB for the Premium tier, where you will also be offered with 10GB for an Enhanced tier and 15TB for the Premium.

With the Dedicated hosting, you will be provided one single domain which is included with all the plans. The best thing is you get 3 IP address with the Standard, 4 with the Enhanced and 5 for the Premium. All of these three plans comes packed up with 24/7 service and also a money back guarantee.

Features for e-commerce:

With the Bluehost hosting it is indeed very simple and easy to set up an online store, which eventually offers various shopping carts like OS Agora, Zen and Cube commerce. You also will get the SSL security towards your transaction, which is certified all for free.

The main fact is that you get all sort of unlimited storage space with the Plus level along with the shared hosting, as I have already mentioned in the above regarding Bluehost review. The unmetered bandwidth, which means your pocket, is at a steady rate throughout the month even while getting millions of traffic.

The offer you get worth $200 while marketing can play an important role in terms of promoting your business through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Bing etc.

As I have mentioned in the above statement that Bluehost is the best in the Bluehost review, doesn’t mean that it is the best. You can find tons of hosting plans in the market and use for your business purpose. But I urge to choose this is because it is indeed an economical choice.

Features of Bluehost Security:

Bluehost is well known for its security purpose. It has got three layers of anti-spam protection within all its plans. You will be provided with different features like Apache Spam Assassin, Spam Experts, and Spam Hammer. With the entire above Spam protector, you will be able to protect inbox and set up filters as well. However, the directories will be password protected.

You will also have the option to block any of the IP address you want, that will keep the IP address in the blacklist.  The most interesting features in Bluehost security is the secure shell access (SSH). This will indeed allow you to access the files securely and safely.

The Bluehost comes with single click integration along with the CloudFlare, as this helps to provide much security features and also speed up your particular sites at a faster rate. However, CloudFlare is indeed good for thwarting DDOS attacks. This is some of the best security according to my Bluehost review.

Bluehost Review on Refund Policy:

It’s great that Bluehost covers 30days money back guarantee. Which means canceling your order within the first 30days, will be refunded to your individual account.

Note that if you do cancel it after the completion of 30days, you may not be prorated refund for the same period of your hosting which you haven’t used it. Also, note the domain fees are not refundable.

Easy to Use:

The Bluehost won’t let you annoy, as it helps to breeze set up your website as well manage it. The cPanel of Bluehost is really easy and simple to use, all you need to do is click on any of the icons where you need to visit your preferred destination.

With the cPanel, you will be able to manage everything on your website and the email addresses all in one location. However, you can also customize the layout of your desired control panel, as that will let you access quickly toward your destination.

Bluehost Review for Customers Service:

This is the place where Bluehost gets all sort s of reviews from its customers, where many of customers come with positive reviews commenting for its fast, friendly agents etc. But the bad side is that some of the customers report that they don’t get any help in term of their issues etc.

The main reason behind the tight budget according to my Bluehost review is that it always tends to sell at an excessive. They also do sell their products with ads and upgrades as well, where many of the customers go flat with the budget.

Bluehost Convenient for:

  • It is convenient for those customers who use WordPress and able to pay extra so that they can get access to further features and also a dedicated support team of the WP experts.
  • Bluehost is for those customers who are behind the reputation and getting a reliable web hosting plan. It is also one of the oldest among all the hosting and it has gained enough trust from the users.
  • If you are a holder of both small and large business than probably Bluehost is best for the general purpose. All you need to do is watch for the upselling.

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Bluehost Pros:

According to my Bluehost review, here are some of the pros that I have collected for you.

  • Not able to afford, and hosting WordPress on Bluehost will be considered as top-notch.
  • You will find tons of scripts available, which includes the mailing list, message forums, blog supports, social networking scripts, Tikiwiki, Joomla and a Drupal.
  • You will also get unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, disk storage and domain hosting with almost all of the plans.
  • In terms of security, Bluehost didn’t compromise to be the best one among all.
  • You will also be provided one single domain free for a year along with the purchase.
  • It is so relevant for the e-commerce owner, as it comes with packed features like multiple shopping carts and an SSL security.
  • The cPanel comes with simple and easy features for the user interface.
  • It has been reviewed that some customers report that Bluehost is fast. However, integrating with CloudFlare will give you better performance.
  • Along with the Bluehost, you will also find numerous of a database associated with like Python, Rails, MySQL, CGI-BIN, PostgreSQL, and PHP etc.

Bluehost Cons:

Here, in the Bluehost review, I have also come up with the cons of Bluehost. This is how you can decide before you buy it for your site.

  • Bluehost will always try to sell its product to its customers, as that can be really annoying if you are running through tough times.
  • Bluehost offers tons of add-ons which will require installing them so that you get all the function to your site.
  • The customer service team usually get mixed reviews.
  • In terms of features, Bluehost offers the best with WordPress plans, but it is really expensive in comparison to other plans that are offered by other competitors.

Final Verdict:

There are tons of hosting plans with best features in the market which are offering a great deal for the customers. But in terms of having a perfect hosting plan, you do need a perfect budget and also a trusted company. So, in accordance with my Bluehost review stated in the above, it is the perfect hosting which delivers with all the exciting packages.

According to my whole summary, I would suggest Bluehost for you. It will eventually offer you the best deals ever. So, if you are planning to get hosting for your website next, you can choose Bluehost at an ease. I bet this won’t annoy you with its features and service provided by them. Now you get Bluehost up to 40% off on various plans.

Disclosure: To be honest I am an affiliate of Bluehost, where I usually get paid commission for your single click on a link given or purchasing hosting. This is the way of maintaining my website. It won’t cost you a single penny. Indeed you will be offered with the best when you do use my given link above.

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