Create Informative Blog Post Independently Doesn’t Matter Good/Bad Writer

Have you ever faced into this worst scenario of writing a blog post sitting right in front of your laptop staring at your blank screen? On the other side, you are provided by a deadline to submit your task and it’s approaching the eleven hours. Whereas, you are putting your heart and soul to fill the blank page trying to put down some eligible words, where you were supposed to edit the finished content.

You must have also felt so awkward struggling to write on the screen and kind of strange feeling which is really creepy. Nothing striking to the brain and the confidence level goes nerd. Well, the best part is you aren’t alone.

Well, the best part is you aren’t alone.

I too had a bad experience sitting right in front of my computer, trying to write the article but nothing is striking in my mind.

To be honest I hate writing because sitting alone writing for hours and I didn’t even know whether it will be liked by the audience or not.

Writing became my biggest enemy. Whenever it comes to writing something I would disagree or try to avoid it.

However, the writing was not my biggest issue. The primary issue I had in my mind is that I fear. The fear of making a mistake. I indeed fear that my writing would go worst, which will be disliked by the audience. The last, not the least, I fear that my writing would not be worth enough to be called as a writer.

Fear That Cause Me Insecure While Writing Blog:

So, here comes me, who worked for a private firm for a couple of years having an experience in writing tons of articles at any based topics, eventually praised by my audience around the globe.

Well, it may sound weird, but the fear that I had in writing content has eventually made me overcome my stupid issues.

To be honest I even tried compensating my fears, where I would be using some irrelevant words trying to prove that I have understood as well. I tried to comfort my own trying to prove that I understand what I have written. But today after a mile’s journey in blogging, it sounds nonsense and stupid.

But as said that black clouds never last long, I indeed came across one inspirer who changed my style of writing. It changed me upside down, he advises the art and style of writing, which thoroughly made me a perfect now.

Today I would like to share with you what exactly changed me and also the style of writing best content without any fear.

  • Write your own Words:

This idea would be really impressive, isn’t it?

This is pretty impressive and sounds hurray.

This topic not only relieved me from fear of writing. Now I don’t have to use complicated words to impress the readers. Now no fear of being inauthentic. Now foremost, the most important thing is I don’t need to feel the need of procrastinating longer.

Now what I feel is relaxed, which really gave me full freedom to write my own words as well express my deeper thoughts.

However, let me make clear: I don’t mean writing your words should be sucking the readers. It should touch their heart and help them as well.

What exactly you should be is, get rid of your mental barriers from fear. All you need to be is a productive and engaging writer.

Don’t panic I will be showing you the simple methodology of writing the way you speak. This will feel you secure.

Write Straight Forward Avoid Rule Book:

If you want to be a good writer, all you need to do is throw away all of your entire rulebooks or if you’re writing rules are all about the active, passive, punctuation, then you can certainly go with grammar. You can easily install it on your computer as an extension and correct it accordingly.

Now you don’t have to feel insecurities for the bad grammar or the sentences, just throw away your rule book and write independently.

writing rules

You must have seen that most of the people do care each word for they write, as they try to craft their content and that turns out to be boring due to technical content. You don’t have to do that, all you need is keep a focus on writing your content and draft it. You can do the correction after you are done with your writing.

Writing content you just need to focus on what you write. You don’t have to focus on how well you write. Try to focus on your unique ideas of writing and draft them, only then you can proceed for further checking and editing.

Editing the content is the stage where you need to check each nuts and bolts. Try to figure out the error within your content. After editing, make sure that your content looks all clear and readable for the readers.

Once you are done with your editing, you can proceed with the further steps to set it on fire into the public. But one thing I would like to share is that you do look once more with a reader’s eye on your content, to make sure that it is all set.

Think You Are Talking To Your Best Friend:

To make your writing skills much more developed, make sure that you write your content assuming that you are chatting with your best friend. Yes, indeed this is only the best recipe to make the content clear and readable. So, whenever you write on any topic assume that you are explaining that on your friend, as that will, fortunately, make your writing pretty impressive.

So, whenever you write on any topic assume that you are explaining that on your friend, as that will, fortunately, make your writing pretty impressive.

For example:

How do you introduce the topic?

What sort of words do you use to make topic crystal clear?

What sort of question can they ask?

How can you satisfy them with your topic?

How could you make the topic more relatable?

How could you take them to a reality while explaining with real examples?

You should be ready with all of this above-related topics to make your content great. This will indeed enable you to become a great writer and engage your audience as well. Try to write the content interesting and informative which will help the readers as well.

The last not the least to assume you are talking to your best friend while writing, shut down your eyes and assume he is sitting next to you.

This is all you need to do to start with any topic.

Be You:                                 

Writing your own words can make your content natural and indeed inject a personality into writing. What exactly happening is you are writing your own words, which is straightforward without any crispy. This will indeed make the readers understand easily and comfort, as that will make more human sense than the books.

be you

Now along with your own words, you just need to add some of the relevant stories. But do make sure that you don’t simply go on adding some irrelevant and unnecessary words to the content, as that can ruin your content.

All you need to do stick to the topic so that the words of yours come naturally.

Using Daily Life Language:

To make your content readable, make sure that you do use your daily life language, as that will inspire you a lot. Try using the general words that you use daily with your friends and families, as that will make the content simple and easy to understand.

Never write words that you don’t understand, that can be a worse stage ever. Your readers can be disappointed with you. So, avoid doing such silly things while writing.

Always try using simple words, because using difficult words can ruin everything. Keep in mind that your readers will never appreciate you with unique difficult words. So, as not to show off you just be your own going with simple and clear language.

Never embrace your readers.

Read Loud:

Once you are done with your writing, make sure that you go through your content. Ensure that everything written on the screen is well equipped. The best strategies to correct your writing are to read the sentences loud and clear. This will help you to understand your mistakes done while writing.

Reading out loud can indeed help you to pick all of your mistakes done while writing because that will strike your ear with an unusual sentence. Make sure that you do rewrite if the sentences which seem to be so weird in your ear.

Write your words to overcome the writing insecurities:

To become a great writer and a proficient writer, first, you must fight against your fear that is screwing you deep inside. All you need to do is learn to write what you speak daily life with your families and friends.

Once you overcome your fear, you will be flawless and will indeed comfort while writing without any fear. I have used all of these techniques in my past days which helped me to overcome and made me an excellent writer.

My motto is “Never Fear Writing Your Words”, all I need to say is do your own independently without any fraud information. It will help you to grow in your future and let your audience applaud for you as well.

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    akash September 12, 2017 at 5:38 AM

    it is a very good and motivational article it is very helpful

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    Nikhilesh September 4, 2017 at 3:00 PM

    This is a really very great article, I am now motivated, my writing really sucks, but learning each and every day, all the tips that you’ve mentioned here are genuine, i have been practicing it “Reading out loud can indeed help you to pick all of your mistakes done while writing because that will strike your ear with an unusual sentence. Make sure that you do rewrite if the sentences which seem to be so weird in your ear.”
    Thanks, looking for more like this.

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      Viki Richard September 5, 2017 at 3:22 AM

      Good that you are motivated by it….I would love to help you with more tips in writing, stay tuned with me for the latest updates.

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