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If you do step into the blogging platform for the first time, yeah it is very necessary to know that Google image search plays an important role. Because the other side of the story is totally different, as the images are superheroes in terms of traffic generation.

But what we all exactly know about writing a blog is just collect a good keyword, SEO and revive with a great content, so that it can drive enough traffic to our site.

However, to be honest, you can find many different ways in order to drive the traffic. But my question is why should you only use one kind of handful strategy?

Well, it’s very simple…! Stay tuned with me for the fresh strategy, as that will eventually help you to get enough traffic e for your blog.

Yes, I will be talking about the Google image search which is really helpful for the blog and yes it is also one of the helpful SEO.

You must have noticed that most of the content come with a perfectly balanced of both images and text.

Now you must be wondering that text is most important in terms of content, but images are eventually important and play a vital role.

If you are looking for the popularity of your content you should also take care of the visual images of your content. Because visitors not only seek for the better content, they also look for the images.

Important Factors of Google Image Search Within Quora:

Here are some of the important factors that Google image search plays a vital role in terms of driving enough traffic to the website.

  • According to the survey since in the year 2010, it has been noticed that Google images were all indexed more than 10 billion images within it. However, in the last seven years, the images which were indexed has probably gone mushroomed.
  • It has also been proved that most of the traffic gets a drive for the Google images i.e
  • To some point of the researcher, it has been noticed that Google images have a greater billion of traffic into it. You can also assume the same of a bigger amount of traffic to the Google images.

However, according to my point of view Google image search is a godmother of all the potential traffic for your particular website.

You can also easily do some sort of hacking within the Google image so, that you can be able to drive more of traffic to your site.

Stay tuned with me, as I will be showing you some sort of tips how exactly you should be doing.


Google Images Optimization:

Yes, you have got me right to the point. Because getting a huge amount of traffic to your images, you also need to optimize it.

However, if you are really familiar with the SEO then probably you have got me what exactly mean. To optimize images is as similar as optimizing the pages for your respective pages.

But you should keep in mind that unlike the text version in the Google search engine, the first image is also equivalent to be in the first place of the SERPs.

Well, let me be very crystal clear with you, before you get a perfect image for your site, make sure that you do optimize as usual. Because ignoring that can lead you to loss of your data in the SERPs.

image opimization

So, for that, you will eventually need to optimize your images in order to rank on the first page.

Well, let me show you some of few examples. How could you optimize your Google image search? In the first source, you will need to edit your file names just alike DSC_0001.jpg.

After the modification of the image file name, you will need to modify your alt tags of the image. the alt tags of your image will help the engines to search easily in the data.

However, before you modify your alt tags, make sure that you use the rich keyword and in short description.

So in the last, not the least make sure that you do compress your image because not doing it will affect your storage space. Resulting slow to your site during loading.

For compressing the images you can get lots of tools on the website. This will help you to retain the image size in a perfect manner.

Put Watermark on Images:

Yes, this one of the best way to copyright your images in the Google image search. It has been known perfect for its standard practice with all the photographers eventually.

Well, let me tell you one secret, as I have mentioned in the above that watermarking will give you a copyright of your respective images. Yes, it does put a benefit, but that does not seem to been throwing a full advantage for the blogs.

google image watermark

So, watermarking on the images can drive your site a huge number of traffic, as that won’t need you to optimize your images.

The watermark on the image will eventually let the visitors know that where does it belongs to and which site does it belongs.

Related Images:

This is is also one of the neediest in terms of Google image search engine.

So, try using relevant images on your site, as that will eventually help the visitors to get more attractive.

For example, if you have a site of a travel blog, but you kept on posting adventure blog image won,t be a great leading. For your kind information do keep in mind as you will need to do this for optimizing your image.

Get Related Image Keywords:

LSI keyword is so necessary for optimizing an image.

Just unlike the content has a related keyword, images also do consist of focus keywords as well related keywords. That is what we need to provide in the alt tag and filename.

For example, if your focus keyword is “Flipkart App”, then you do need to use the related keyword “Flipkart Download Free” as an LSI keyword.

LSI keyword will eventually help your image to optimize in a better way and also let the visitors find your images easily.

Final Verdict

Well, whenever I do speak about the image SEO, people do look at me stunning. They probably insist that meta description and keywords are the most important.

However, if you do go overall, they are right on their path, but image SEO is also very necessary on the basic path of blogging.

I would rather say that before you choose an image, please do get your own unique image and create it an eye catchy. I bet you will rank on the first page of Google image search.

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