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Talking about the website, the first thing come I my mind is WordPress!

Doesn’t that strike your mind too? Yes, to be speaking the truth WordPress holds power to about 25% around the globe, in terms of developing a new website.

However, it plays an important role in the platform of blogging…!

To start up with WordPress it is quite simple and easy, but in the first step, you will need to install WordPress on your desired hosting accounts.

But as to my personal experience, I have noticed that various shared hosting for the WordPress does offer an amazing way to install WordPress, where you don’t exactly need to go for the manual for creating an amazing WordPress blog.

Today in this post I will be assisting you to install WordPress on Hostgator, with simple steps. If you do check its plan in Hostgator hosting, you will find three various packages but I will indeed insist you to go for the Hostgator Baby Plan, it will just cost you few dollars near about $6.95/month.

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Easy Steps on Installing WordPress on Hostgator:

Before we get much deeper, let me remind you one thing that is if you do want to install WordPress on your desired hosting accounts, it will be the best option if you do use QuickInstall that is powered by popular marketplace Mojo. This is the best way to install WordPress on your hosting account and indeed it will just consume you a couple of minutes to install the WordPress blog.

However, Hostgator surprisingly provided different ways of installing WordPress to their required server.

  • Manual
  • Quick Install

Here, in this post, I will be showing you steps on installing WordPress on Hostgator hosting with the help of Quick Install. This is the only easiest and simple way to get started with your desired WordPress in just five minutes on your site.

Carefully follow this given guide…!

First and foremost you will need to login on Hostgator web panel, where you will find the page either Software or services.


Now click on the QuickInstall.

After you get in the QuickInstall page, you will need to go selecting for the “WordPress” that is located on the left side of the page.


Note: In the latest version of 2017 Hostgator, you will be offered with services, which will surely empty your pocket, but I will insist you to skip that page and follow the instruction I am providing below.

Now on the other page, you do need to select the domain name on which you would like to install your WordPress blog.

In this page, you need to carefully decide where exactly you would like to install WordPress. You can either select for root directory or within the sub-domain.

For example:

The best part with Hostgator is that, if you are a newbie with Hostgator add do have a Baby plan or above that, then it is very easy for you to add a number of the domain as you like to host for it.

Now go select for the next option and follow the instruction carefully.

You can also learn how to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting..!

To my concern, please do keep in mind that you don’t select the username “admin”, as that is quite risky in terms of security. But you can either use your email id or even your nickname, which is best for security purpose…!

Now you might be wondering what that exactly means? Yes, it is just to make the intruders confused..! But please do make sure that you do once cross-check on the information you provide, before hitting the button Install WordPress. Because one single mistake can consume your valuable time a lot.

Now when the Hostgator Quick Install is on its process to setting up WordPress blog, there you will find several of pop-ups trying to sell their various products like themes etc. But I will indeed insist you to skip those unwanted ads and proceed ahead. After your WordPress blog is installed you will soon receive an email along with your username, password, and a dashboard link.

After all the process is done, do make sure that you provide an email, as that will help you to send you the information of your WordPress blog

hostgator installation complete

Now, you are done with the installation of WordPress on Hostgator. So, let’s get started with WordPress on Hostgator.

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Installing WordPress on Hostgator is rather easy than expected. However, if you are going manual that would have consumed a precious time of yours. The last, not the least, do feel free to ask me in case you do find an issue while installing WordPress on Hostgator. As, in the early post if you find this guide is indeed helpful, do share with your friends and also in the social media as always.

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