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Trust me error 500 is the worst ever thing that, I have faced in my entire blogging career. It has just turned me upside down and left me worried. When I just got the message on my screen ” HTTP Error 500″, it made me annoyed and worried. The first thing I did was just tried re-installing the WordPress, which has eventually made my whole day off.

So, I rather would like to share you my bad experiences which made my website upside down. The biggest mistakes that I have done with my website is, re-installing the WordPress without keeping the backup files, resulting from loss of all valuable files from the site. Therefore, it’s my request to you not to panic or worry when you get the message error 500 on your screen. It’s just an error that occurred within the website server, which eventually means that the server is no more specific to what the problem has occurred.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a webmaster or a newbie. To fix the internal server error 500 on your site, it is an advice that you first need to check the given list in the below for the better result. Because the internal server error 500 can show you in a different message on your screen, as that won’t allow you to access to your individual website.

Well, let me show you some of the similar error 500 that can appear on your screen.

Similar Ways of HTTP Error 500:

Here are some of the common ways that you may see an error 500 on your screen while trying to access to your website.

  • 500 Error
  • HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error
  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • 500. That’s an Error
  • Temporary Error (500)
  • HTTP 500 Internal Error
  • Internal Server Error
  • HTTP Error 500

Due to an internal server, 500 is eventually generated by the website you are trying to access, you may be able to see in all sort of browser or any operating system or even on your individual smartphone. Note that most of the time you will see the HTTP Error 500 internal server will give you a display inside the internet browser window, just alike the web pages do.

Reason Behind The Cause of Error 500:

You must have noticed that I have already mentioned in the above, that internal server error 500 message directly indicates that it has generally gone wrong with the server itself.

However, wrong gone with the server means something has really gone through the end point of the programming or the page. In other words, you can simply assume that it is an error occurred due to configuring the data at an invalid point.

Ways to Fix HTTP Error 500 Internal Server:

Unlike to what I have said in the above that the internal server error 500 is an error occurred within the server. It is neither an error that is occurred with the internet connection or with your computer.

Well, now you can try with some of the ways that will eventually help you to solve out your problems.

  • Firstly, you can try reloading your web page or either click the refresh button on your keys just by pressing the F5 button. You can also try replacing the URL on your address bar.However, you don’t need to panic or worry, because the internal server error 500 is temporary.
  • Secondly, you can also try clearing all of the caches from your browser, because most of the time the caches cause the HTTP 500 error to the web page.
    However, internal server error doesn’t usually cause due to the caches, but you can try it out so that if it helps you out with an issue.
  • It has also been noticed that most of the time the HTTP 500 occurred due to the cookies. So, I would indeed rather suggest you delete all the cookies from your system and try restarting the browser from the beginning.
  • The most common ways of causing HTTP 500 internal server error is 504 Gateway Timeout. So, for that, you can troubleshoot in an appropriate way to solve an error issue.
  • The another way of solving an issue is you can also contact the website directly. This process may eventually help you to solve your issue.
  • If all of the above does not help you to seek out the issue, you can also come back later and check it out for the issue is solved. If that does not work out, it means there is probably an issue with an online purchase.

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How to Fix HTTP 500 Error on Your Individual Website:

Internal server error 500 occurring on your website is totally different from other sources. As I have already mentioned in the above, that error 500 is a server error, likely to be said that you can fix it on your own.

However, there can be tonnes of reason behind the cause of internal server error 500, but I among that two are most common factors.

  • PHP Timeout: Make sure that your script doesn’t connect to the external resources of the resources timeout, which can eventually cause an HTTP error on your server. So, better be careful next time before you get into the Timeout rules.
  • Permissions Error: Internal Server also can be caused due to the incorrect permission of one or more files or folders. This is for certain that error permission on both CGI and PHP script is to be blamed. To resolve it, you should set it off to 0775 ie. (-rwxr-xr-x).
  • An Error in Coding .htaccess:  This is not a common issue. However, make sure that you check out the site .htaccess file are in a proper structured.

However, if you are running a Joomla or a WordPress or other CMS system, make sure that you do reach out to their support centre for troubleshooting for HTTP Error 500. So, if you do find issue during the troubleshoot, it will be wise to contact the server directly.

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