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Having enough traffic to a website is one of the most necessary things for any webmaster or a blogger. You must have noticed that most of us do really concentrate on On-Page and Off-Page Optimization, as that eventually helps anyone of us to gain popularity in the start up. But have you ever thought what exactly is going to happen to your previous old content and all sort of optimization, as that will be totally worthless for your entire site? Well, that is the only way how Domain Authority and PageRank will eventually help your website rank in the Google.

domain authority

You must have known about boosting up your website PageRank within a couple of months, as I won’t be describing it further. 

However, you can see that most of us do get a drive with the misconception of Domain Authority every day with our needs. This is the factor that I have decided to give you some few tips related to the basic needs for your site popularity.

Know DA (Domain Authority):

If you are a newbie, then you must be in a confused state about what exactly is DA i.e. Domain Authority? Well to describe in a better way, Domain Authority eventually represents the prediction of a particular website ranking higher in the search engines.

However, if your website does attain Domain Authority of more than 35 than you can precisely assume that your site has a valuable priority in the search engines.

Getting to the point, the Domain Authority plays an important role in terms of showing original roots of the domains that are linked to.

Surprisingly, if it happens to shows that your website does exist numerous of domains linked than it is considered to be the best website in comparison to the other websites.

Eventually, the calculation of Domain Authority rank is done by the combination of all sort of metrics, such as Moz rank, root domains and total links etc.

Simple 5 Best Ways to Give Your Website a Higher Domain Authority:

Well, as I have already mentioned in the above that the higher ranking of Domain Authority will precisely give your website popularity in the search engines.

Trust me those early days are gone and wiped out with the sandy storm when Google usually gives priority to the site which has higher PageRank.

I will literally say you that if you do go research today. It’s all about the content, backlinks and the SEO which will help your website to rank in a better position within the Google.

Hope so by now you must have understood that Domain Authority is so needy in terms of the ranking website.

Well, today I have come up with some of the few simple steps, which will help you to boost your website. So, if you don’t want to miss the opportunities ranking up your Domain Authority, make sure that you do follow the given instruction below.

Rich Content:

Thinking about ranking in a better place in the Google, firstly you will need to think about writing a good quality of content. Now you must be wondering how that could be related to Domain Authority. Well, this all happens only after Google panda had come up with an update, as resulting loss of many data and authority from the website in the internet database.

It is like when you exactly write something which is so valuable, people do like to link up along with your website so that they can easily make a network resulting popularity on the internet.

However, I have come up with the some of my few techniques, which will eventually help you to write quality content.

  • Always remember to write a vast article with your own creative ideas and information.
  • Avoid making simple mistakes like providing wrong title tags and Meta description.
  • Try writing something very unique and impress your readers.
  • Keep in mind checking through the corrections of spellings and grammars.
  • You should write content for your readers not for the search engines.
  • Try writing a genuine article for your readers.
  • You should also avoid stuffing unusual keywords to your content.
  • Write an article for your readers so that they get help while adding some valuable post.
  • After writing an article make sure that you go through Copyscape.
  • Avoid hosting unnecessary ads to your content.

However, you will find tons of metrics which will eventually help you to gain popularity in the Google. But always keep in mind that you do keep an eye on your competitor so that you can host high-quality content to your website. Let me also suggest you one more technique to increase your authority on the internet, i.e. just by preparing some high-quality videos and hosting them in various of the sources like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Internal Linking:

The most important thing that you should keep in mind before you build up a strong authoritative website is linked to all your entire pages of your website. Try creating high authority of all the entire pages unlike you do for your homepage and blog or post.

link building

Build a trust within the Google so that it can assume that all of your pages are authoritative and important to you. So, for that what exactly you need is built numbers of backlinks within your pages and post to assure Google.

Here are some tips that will help you to built higher Domain Authority.

  • Always do try getting the higher quality of external links from another source of a website for the similar page you do target along with a particular phrase.
  • Try interlinking within your site along with relevant keywords to your pages.
  • You will also need to make sure that all the entire links are well functioned while hosting to particular pages of your sites.
  • You can also send tons of backlinks within your website from page to page. Well, that must be little confusing although it is worth doing it.
  • You can also try linking pages to other external pages such as like Homepage, Advertise, about us etc.
  • Last, not the list, keep in mind that you do use various sort of keyword that you are linking to the internal pages of yours. Because not doing so may result in you a heavy loss.

I personally would like to suggest you that, keep posting a high quality of article to your website when needed. Make sure that you don’t compromise with the quality of the content, as that will eventually help you to rank higher and gain popularity on the internet.

Age Matters:

When I do speak out about the age of your website yes, I do mean it. Because you can’t simply expect to be a gold in the single day getting a higher domain authority in the Google. However, according to my point of view, the domain authority does rely on the age of the website and its popularity.

age matters content

Well, to be honestly speaking, after you have enough amount of high-quality article on your site, then that is the day you can set to drive for getting high-quality backlinks so that you can rank it easily in Google.

According to my point of view, you simply should go on with posting high-quality content and gain popularity for the long run. All I can say is that you keep concentrating on the content and backlinks, as that will eventually help you to increase your Domain Authority.

Link Diversity:

If you haven’t known about Link Diversity, well it is a concept of an Off-Page SEO concept which you need to get well for Domain Authority ranking in the Google.

In simple words link diversity is nothing but it simply helps you to decide about the range of various links that are eventually pointing to your website.

link building

So, you do need to keep in mind that you don’t go for linking with the similar links again and again, as Google will evaluate that you don’t deserve to be the valuable customer.

Well, it can be little hard to understand for you. Let me come with an example such as like when another blogger comes with a comment on the do-follow website for the purpose of backlinks. Well, they generally comment so that they can easily deserve of getting free backlinks to their site. So, I would rather suggest you not to do that, as that can result from your failure, all you need to do is go for a guest post and also go for high quality of content.

So, before going for it try targeting the best pages from your website that you need to rank in the Google.

  • The first priority is trying to link to a category you think it worthy.
  • You can also try linking to any of your older post of your website.
  • Although you can also link to your homepage.

This the right way, how you could eventually get numerous links to your website. To be honest I would personally like to advise you not to use any unwanted software to generate a higher Domain Authority.

Social Media:

So, you must have known that social media plays an important role in terms of ranking higher and gaining popularity on the internet. According to the latest algorithm of Google, they have eventually decided to give the priority to the website which is gaining a huge popularity in the social media.

social media

Social media will eventually help you to grow in the internet market without any interruption, gradually this will help to gain a higher authority in the search engines.

How Could You Predict Your Domain Authority?

To be honest I would like to suggest you use the SEOmoz toolbar, as I personally have an experience using it for my personal website. This will help you to view your page authority and domain authority as well.


However, this toolbar may cost you around $97 per month. Also, you can easily install on any of the search engines you are using on your device or computers.

Final Verdict:

So, as mentioned in the above that Domain Authority plays an important role in terms of website ranking in the Google. Well, it does not only depend on the backlinks of the website, as there are tons of metrics which help ranking website in the Google.

Hope so the above-stated techniques have helped you ranking website in the Google? Well, it will be a pleasure if you do let me know your queries in the comment box below, as that will help me to improve further.

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