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The reason behind my blogging career is for fun and the fact is I do love the work I do. Are you also one of those bloggers who love to blog for their own passion? Else are you just trying to assume your luck or just to earn money or else to make yourself fame or a renowned brand? But the matter of fact is blogging and that is not important, what exactly matter is how good you are up to.

If your daily hard work is not pulling your graph to the next level, then certainly you need to think wisely and change up your whole entire strategy. That can make a little change in your ideas and business strategy. If you are not getting full motivated with your work, then for certain you should go through the blogger motivation guide, this will entirely help you to rush your adrenaline into an extreme level and get back to blogging.

Let me get you one simple tip about blogging, what exactly is important in blogging is to get all new ideas and learn new things that are on the trend as well share the information with the new person. Trust me I personally had a bad experience in blogging. It made me so boring and hard to get to work. But today it has turned me upside down. Perhaps I will be showing you some important hacks and smart tips to make your blog look like a professional blogger.

So, now let’s not delay.

Why do you need to blog like a professional?

Before you do any sort of work, do keep in mind that you do your best and try to make it worth or do the best to your ability.

Let me get straight to you, if you are one of those mediocre bloggers among the millions, then it’s time to get started on your path.

Here in this post, I will be sharing you my experience that I had in my last few couple of years. Follow the tips that are given below and I do assure you that, you be the best blogger in next couple weeks.

Before we get into the core let me remind you that the information you provide is genuine. Your words should matter them, which is the best way how you can be a professional blogger.

How to Make your Blog look like a Professional Blogger?

#The Art of Writing: Your skills of writing do matter a lot in terms of communicating to the other individuals or your audience, as a matter of fact, it is one of the important factors that play a vital role. In terms of me while writing any blog post I do assume that a friend of mine is sitting next to me and me having a conversation with him.

One thing I would like to share you is that; please do try to write in a conversational tone, as a matter of fact, that will leave a flagship signature of you. You must have already noticed that I have used the word “You” for several times, this is just because I am trying to assume that you are with me. “You” is not only the word. But using “I” instead of “We” can be the most effective while writing a post.

#Design of Blog: Yes, the design of your blog does matter a lot. I am sure that you must have visited several of restaurants and cafe, where you must also have seen the waiter is dressed in a tip-top uniform. Now you must be wondering what exactly that means, well that is where your first impression on waiters fall isn’t it? Same here, when you work online try getting your blog neat and clean also look professional.

Try getting rid of all those high and low design. Give your blog the most professional looks as that will reflect your personality. Remember that there is a saying the first impression is the last impression that will last forever.

#Open your Wardrobe: Let me ask you one question, how many of popular bloggers do you exactly know them. Well, if you even know one or three of them, try asking yourself how do you know them? It’s simple that they have never hidden like you in the wardrobe. Here, what exactly I want to convey you is that try getting yourself out and introduce you to the entire world about your skills and a brand.

To become a successful blogger you do need to give face before your brand as of those successful bloggers. I would rather say you that this is the time to put a change to your blog and to introduce yourself to the awesome blog. To make it much more attractive make sure that you do add the author box below your blog and also try to add quality profile photo in the sidebar of an author. You can also add a little bio telling about yourself that is how you can connect to people.

#Trust and be Honest with Yourself: Yes, you must have learned about “Honesty is the best policy” while you were in a kindergarten, but with the flow of time that isn’t easy to keep within us. Let me raise you one question, how many times a day do you lie, as a matter of fact, several times a day.

Well, the same I ask myself, it’s a dozen times a day which I use to do it unintentionally. According to some studies, it has been said that we people do lie because to please and keep others happy, as a matter of fact, we are unfortunately a people pleaser. Now what you can exactly do is take this as a big challenge.

Try to be honest and I would also say try to trust your own first. Make this out and you will find yourself to a next level in few weeks. Not only that you will also gain confidence level in comparison to your present life.

Be an Authority Blogger:

The first thing I would like to say you is that try to be an authority blogger, no matter how deep you know about the subject, trust me your opinion won’t be respected until unless you established yourself as an authority. This is the only way how you can make yourself as an authority blogger.

But before that, the big question is how can you be an authoritative blogger?

As I have already said in the above paragraph that if you do increase your confidence level it is a big, yes to be an authoritative blogger.

To be an established authoritative blogger in your particular niche, first, you need to leverage the power of social media that is only to get yourself to the flying colors. Ok now let’s get started with your social media profile, perhaps ensuring your daily presence in social media. Always ensure that your social media profile is likely to your resume, as that will eventually reflect your personality. Try using same profile image to all of the leading social media, as it will generate your personality to a great level and also that will make people remember you easily.

Please do keep in mind that you share only your opinion related to trending topics and also your niche. Do not hesitate or doubt yourself while sharing your topics, as it may not be valuable in comparison to the other expert but it can be useful for those who follow you.

Learn to appreciate others:

If you don’t know how to appreciate other’s never find a way to criticise as well because to be a successful person first all you need to do is learn to give credit to the person for their hard work. You must have come across about Newton’s law; throw and you will be rewarded back.

If you are one of those who really doesn’t like to give any credit to a person, then I guess it is a time for you to change.

Your giving credit to a person who deserves it won’t let you go in vain; it will either gain a good impression as well self-confidence and a professional respect.

Go for smart work instead of working hard:

Smart work is indeed the best way to success; it doesn’t matter what niche or business you are with it. If you are looking forward to a better achievement think wise and work smart, howsoever working hard is also important but smart works matter a lot.

For an example, if you are writing a blog post for a couple of hours spending your valuable time on it, but not promoting can let your work go in vain. Yes, it is indeed true, if you don’t promote your valuable work for years it may reach to a certain level where you will have an enough traffic to get you a money, but what exactly happens is that you are left behind the crowd, as you can never be in comparison with others in this platform.

Today I would also like to share you some of my experience where I have noticed that few of the bloggers have become a millionaire within a short period of time. Yes, it is indeed the truth, they have worked smart with their great ideas. What I want to say is without great ideas and smart work; you can just be null and void.

However, starting with a smart work and great ideas, you will need to find perfect blogging tools, work time management, and be productive. You will also need to maintain both the social life and personal life because to be a successful man you will need to be happy first.

Make time valuable and collect good team:

If you want to be a professional and successful blogger first you will need to learn how to value time, because a man without time management can lead him to failure ever. To my personal experience I was once among those who don’t value time, but today I do realize that time matters a lot to me in terms of work.

Time is not only the factors, but the most important thing that you need is a good team because you have 20 to 30 great ideas to be implemented can’t be done yourself. So, what exactly is, you do need a perfect team to implement it and work wisely on it.

Let me share you some of my experience, in the last past few couple of months I have trying for a drop shipping strategy, but that failed just because I don’t have a perfect team. So, a team is necessary to become successful and earn handful.

Avoid quick connections instead join the inner-circle:

Always do keep in mind that you don’t create a quick connection to the people around you, as a matter of fact, “Networking is the key to success” and it is indeed the truth. What exactly you do need to get going to the inner circle and know what is happening to both online and offline?

Networking plays a vital role in the social life of the human race, as it also helps to gain respect and work to be part of an inner circle which does make a substantial difference in your connection. You must have noticed that most of the successful people are in the social media where you may also be one in their circle, but keep in mind that they have never known you or neither part of their inner circle.

You are just one of those thousands people’s that they have “friended” on the social media. Now what you need to do is set your perfect goal and perfectly establishes yourself within the inner-circle and makes a connection in their arena. Well, this dream can only happen when you put time and energy on working and building a special connection.


If you do want to achieve something in your life, you should first create a goal and be productive. In this post, I have shared the most important points as per the aspects, which will help you to grow and eventually achieve your valuable dreams. I personally will insist you to focus on the points you believe the most and make it your weapons towards making your blogging career with flying colors.

Do feel free to ask me on the points that I have shared on the above paragraph and do let me know you’re planning to start up. Never hesitate to ask for any issue regarding blogging tips. You can ask me in the comment section below.

For your kind information, if you do find this article useful please don’t forget to share it on all leading social media.


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