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In the platform of blogging, the most important thing is getting an organic traffic from search engine to your website or blog.

Yes, you got me right!

Getting organic traffic from search engine is really hard, but buying traffic is much easier.

I hope so you got to my point what exactly I mean to!

But to tell you the fact, organic traffic plays a vital role in growing your business or a blog, as it also helps to redirect the targeted traffic.

Well, getting an organic traffic to your blog can be done in many ways!

If you do a survey, there are tons of ways getting an organic traffic to your blog or website. Let me share you some of the easiest ways to get organic traffic such as Guest posting, Blog commenting, Buying paid traffic, Campaign and using Flickr.

Well, here in the post I will share you the most valuable tips and ways of getting an organic traffic to your website or blog.

Before we get more deep inside the core, I would like to share you some of my few opinions. Whenever you think of having a profit is only when you get organic traffic to your site. This exactly means that whenever the audience search for anything and land on your page or site and they are likely to be converted into customers or clients.

However, in blogging, it is much profitable as the user can be seeing high value of CPC Adsense ads, and probably they will be seeing the ads according to their search engine based.

If you do a survey of those advertisers, they always go for the blog or post which is getting natural traffic direct from the search engines. Yes as you know that there are various search engines, but mostly we go target for Google and Bing, resulting the most popular search engines in the globe.

Getting an organic traffic from search engines can make you the luckiest in terms of generating income from both the advertiser as well affiliate programs.

However, the best reason to get the organic traffic is that you get targeted visitors, thus which will help you to increase the chances to lower down the bounce rate and revisiting of valued readers.

Well, apart from organic traffic, I have assumed that there are other ways to drive huge traffic from all leading social media networks such as like Twitter, Facebook or else in other ways images also helps to get a targeted traffic to your site.

Today, I will be sharing you some of the unique tips and strategy that will help you to get the traffic from the search engines.

Unique Ways to Increase Organic Traffic from Search Engine :

To my point of view, there are various ways to increase organic search traffic to your site, but as usual, SEO plays an important role. So, let’s get done with it precisely.

#SEO – Keep Search Engine Accessible to your Blog:

SEO is nothing but it is all about search engine optimization. This will make your site friendlier with the traffic and be providing the traffic what exactly are they seeking for!

However, SEO got various different aspects, as it starts from on-page SEO, off page SEO and Site SEO eventually!

Let me tell you one best secret about SEO is that you should go on with On-site ……this will result in you with a big thumb. But one thing that I would like to remind, keep an eye on indexing your site not only that but also eligible to make your site crawlable by Google bots.

To be honest SEO and the quality of the content does matter a lot in terms of generating enough traffic from the search engine eventually.

Generating traffic from the search engine won’t help you, but also you should check out on titles, tags, URL, description and broken links etc. Because when it comes to SEO, you eventually need to keep a proper check on what you are up to.

#Make sure you Provide SEO optimized Content:

Speaking straightforward it is yes that content marketing plays a vital role in terms of driving an organic traffic to your blog. The main secret is providing the most needful content that people are seeking for.!

For an example, this post is to inform the people regarding getting an organic traffic to their own site or blog post eventually.

But, if you do seek practically writing a content that is SEO optimized can be a hard task, as that includes a lot of strategy like keyword research, writing content, target keywords and also promoting the content so that it increases the traffic to the site.

#Link Building – This will work as Trustworthy:

If you do seek much deeper about the SEO, then for sure link building is part of SEO strategies. As you may get to know that search engines do love quality links besides hate the irrelevant links. Perhaps according to me relevant and quality links will eventually help you to grow your blog much more.

For an example, links can be described as including outbound links, backlinks, reciprocal links and also connecting to the other blogs directly or maybe indirectly. But before I conclude do keep in mind that you get the link from good PR as well the similar niche blog.

I also want to assure you that you do avoid falling trap buying backlinks for the sake of improving search engine ranking in the Google.

The last, not the list I would love to share you is that you can get a link to your site is just by Guest posting and blog commenting. Make sure that you do write an article which is unique but also that attract organic backlinks eventually.

#Try to Maintain the Frequency of your Blog:

As usual, you must have noticed that most of the bloggers don’t have enough time to maintain their blog, which is really hampering as the search engine bots don’t like such category of blogs. If you are smart and wise enough, it is not that tough to maintain frequency blog to your site, all you need is just to be self-organized.

But I would also like to notify you that, writing article itself won’t be enough, but in fact, you need to write an article that is related to your niche and care about the keywords as well.

#Insist Your Traffic to Revisit:

Succeeding in getting sufficient traffic is not enough; you need to think what is next!

You must have noticed that most of the bloggers have made mistakes while taking it to the next level or regret to their mentality.

It’s in a mind of every blogger that they keep their visitors regularly….! If you have no idea about it… it’s time to think deeply about it. Whereas, returning visitors are the audience and a brand advocate.

Keep in mind that these visitors are the one who will be sharing your post on all the leading social media’s and who will be talking about your blog to different people.

Now you must be wondering how that could be possible.

Well, that is all simple all you need to do is just play a trick. You just need to provide them the option to subscribe to your site.

For sure this action on your site will play an important role and it will certainly hit your site!

#Promoting in Social Media:

Social media is playing an important role in terms of promoting your post or any sort of business. I have noticed that most of the people do love and trust social media a lot. I have also noticed that Google trust social media the most and take it as a great signal in terms of ranking your content.

But do make sure that all of your entire content is sharable…!

And also make sure that you do add a social bookmarking button to your blog so that people can easily share your entire content on their social bookmarking sites.

#Try Avoiding Unethical Ways:

To my point of view, I have literally seen many of the bloggers use unethical ways to link up their farms so that they can drive huge traffic, whereas it can result in you or hamper your site by getting it blacklisted.

However, you getting average ranks in the search engine through ethical way can take you a long period of time, but as to my point of view, long-term thus it will help you to grow in future and gain organic traffic.


Final Verdict:

To me, I will insist you wait for the perfect time to shoot your bullet to the point. I have heard in my earlier school days that there is no rocket science that you will grow within a day. All you need a perfect planned strategy so that you can pill enough organic traffic to your site.

As like before if you do find my post is helpful, do share with your friends through all the leading social media networks, as that can help them better to grow in their business….!

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