A bite of BBQ meat is always delightful. Installing Smoke hollow PS2415 pellet smoker grill 24” in your backyard is the kind of thing I’m talking about. See many of us go out and pay unnecessary cash to purchase smoked or BBQ piece. Won’t it be nice if you could prepare your own stuff and enjoy with your friends?

In fact smoke hollow PS2415 pellet smoker grill 24” is the right option for you if you are thinking of buying a grill. This thing will amaze you and give you the best quality food that you want to have. Get this thing in your backyard and enjoy cooking.

There are many good features about this grill that makes it different from other similar products. Enjoy the authentic smoky flavour of slow cooked food. It is straightforward and very easy to use. You grill and bake wide variety of food by simply loading the wood pallets. Check for the temperature and make it cook.

This pallet smoker is featured with large porcelain-coated wire cooking grid. It has a space of 440 square inches where you can cook roasts, seafoods, brisket and the whole chicken or turkey. It is also very easy to clean with its easy-drain grease system.

The smoke hollow PS2415 pellet smoker grill is easy portable and heavily built with duty steel barrel and lid construction and a feature of sturdy tube cart frame with a useful bottom shelf and side self. You can carry it wherever you want to place it.

Now let’s go a little deeper and see what are the features that this pallet smoker offers. I have put point wise so that you can get a brief idea about it. Hope it offers you the help of choosing and deciding if it is the exact grill you are looking for.


  • Delicious smoky BBQ flavour using convection heat.
  • You can cook roasts, whole chicken, turkeys, briskets and many more.
  • Digital LED thermost with internal temperature gauge.
  • Weighting approximately 120 lbs.
  • Heavy duty steel barrel construction and lid with large handle.
  • Easy transport and has wheel for easy portability.
  • Model no. PS2415.
  • Easy drain grease system.
  • Total area of 440 square inch of cooking space.
  • Easy loading of wood pallets, and select of temperature for easy cooking.
  • Sturdy tube cart frame with bottom and side frame.
  • Approximately 50”x24”x51” dimensions.
  • Porcelain coated wire cooking grid.
  • You can smoke bake and grill.
  • Auger-fed hardwood delivery system.
  • Electric pellet smoker grill of 24”.

Smoke hollow PS2415 pallet smoker grill 24” is in fact an eye candy for all the foodies and who love to cook. With this baking, grilling, smoking etc has become easy and delicious. It maintains the temperature for slow and proper cooking. It is very easy to clean as it has a drainage system. You will never regret if you go for this product. Perhaps you should definitely go for it and get yourself one. Enjoy cooking with this smoker and enjoy delicious foods.

I hope my article was interesting and you liked it. Do comment in the comment section if it was helpful. See you soon next time and I will come up with more interesting things. Have a great day and enjoy delicious BBQ.

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