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Before we get started, let me ask you one simple question! Who doesn’t want to be a successful person in the platform of blogging?

For other bloggers, success may matter a lot for different criteria such as getting an audience or getting enough traffic or even becoming popular or it can be as simple as earning money to pay their required bills.

But what exactly matter to me is help my beloved audience or readers to be a boss of their own.

Eventually, according to my experience in blogging is the more effort you put is the best ways to reach your own goals of success.

Today I am here to share you special tips for those who have recently started a new blog or want to start up a new blog. In this post, I will be sharing top 3 strongest tips for new bloggers to achieve a goal within a short period of time.

Top 3 Strongest Tips for New Bloggers:

I assure you that if you do follow these top 3 tips in your initial days of blogging, you will surely come up with flying colors.

Let’s check it out below.

#Focus on your foundation:


If you do focus to any new blogger, they are just behind getting the traffic to their post or website, but you will never find them spending time on learning all about SEO, writing best articles and social media marketing etc.

Yes, each and every person do have one dream to become a successful blogger, but what is the use if they don’t know what blogging is all about? But I tell you today if you do spend enough time on learning basic skills about blogging such as SEO, writing, and social media marketing in your initial days then this can be the best foundation towards your success.

Let me say you one more tip, if you do want to learn all about writing then you should keep on reading different books like ”Adweek Copywriting ebook”.

#Make yourself focused and dedicated:

focused and dedication

Try keeping yourself focused and dedicated to your work, only then there can be a hope to succeed. For an example be prepared as if you are going for an exam and nothing else in your brain.

Let me tell you one secret ingredient for becoming a successful man, it’s nothing else then “Focus & Dedication”.

If you want to be a successful person, make sure that you forget everything in your life for the next 3-4 months.

All you need to do is live a perfect monk life and solely focused on the blog you are with and follow the steps for success i.e., Learn, Implement, Practice and Improvise.

Before I get out from this point to let me say you a word, I assure you put 4 months dedication on your blog and you will be earning a decent life.

However, the best part about this is it will affect even for those who don’t know anything about blogging.


Let me ask you a question, how often do you meet people who lie to you or lie others?

Well, to be straightforward blogging is nothing but a tool by which you are able to express your entire feelings in different forms like by audio, video, text or any sort of medium.


This thing works accurately only when you are honest enough to yourself and others as well. It is always yes, people do appreciate honest people and they put a trust and show respect.

Honesty will rather help you to improve quality of both thinking and sharing, as that will eventually help you to make much more compassionate. However, if you ever have lied in the past days, I would suggest you leave it.

As a matter of fact, blogging is not just for our family, friends or anyone else, it just for the entire world.

Why do we blog? It’s all because we can reach the whole entire people on the globe.

Today I tell you, trust me The very next time you write a post try to be honest and speak the truth, these won’t make your article boring, in fact, it will be interesting and innovative.

The fact is staying honest and trust yourself!

Let you share you an example if you do say yourself that you will wake up from your bed when the alarm ticks, then you probably should do that. Don’t make an excuse to yourself thinking to stay asleep for another 10 to 20 minutes. If you promise to do anything, please get it done within a time.

What exactly will it means is, you are avoiding the unwanted things and purely trying to be truthful to yourself!

This is the fact of becoming a strong foundation and making you a better person!


Final Verdict:

To become a successful man, all you need to do is a constant work!

You don’t need to think of leaving anything behind, but all you need is put a full dedication, honesty and a pure mindset toward constant learning.

If you are ready to dedicate for next 4months, I assure you that success is at your door! All you need to do is follow the top 3 strongest tips for new bloggers that I have shared in the above post. Before I finish my words, would like to ask you a question, are you ready to commit to your success? Well, let me know how motivated you are in the comment box below.

As always if you do find this post is inspiring and motivating, please do share with your friends and others in the entire leading social media platform, as that will help them to get more inspired.

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