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Lifestyles depend on a person to person. It is a matter of fact that person who loves to celebrate its day with different taste can certainly rely on the latest lifestyles blogs.

People do love to explore itself into the most finer world, but you will find that most of the people get indulge with the lifestyle of colour, stylish clothing, travel and wall decor etc.

However, the taste of such finer thing comes from own creativity, but it is not necessary that all should have that same mentality. Worry not, as I have come up with the best top five lifestyles blog that one person can perfectly indulge into it.

So, if you are one of those who would like to boost up your life with a perfect creativity, check the best browsing site given below.

Some of the Few Best-Designed Blogs are:

  1. A CUP OF JO:

This “A Cup of Jo” are little more girlish than I wanted to see in my daily browsing. But, on e one of the most important thing is that the content and posts are little different than the other blogs and with there is a variety post and interesting too. Actually, this Blog Post Cover is vastly popular in New York City. For food and clothing purpose.



For a short time visitor on their hobby (Lifestyle), I must say that this is the perfect blog for them because this blog is perfectly designed and totally cleaned. This site is one of the prettiest life style sites in the life style sites world.  And there are no Ads and Sidebars that makes a simple look for their visitor. This Blog is designed for to show Parks, Markets, Flowers, streets and other Paris related details.



Like the other blogs, this blog is also designed superbly and cleanly. Uploaded images on it is a are really awesome. If you didn’t see this blog before you can’t realize. In this blog, they designed their blossoms photo in spring season awesomely. Also, there are few more topics that also shown: Travel related, Family, related, Food and Drink related Style related.



Actually, this blog is designed and Maintained by Lou Mora and Sarah. They both are a professional photographer. So in general, that means this blog is awesomely designed with photos. This site looks like a gorgeous lady. They lived in Southern California; they focused on food, travel, style, and other health related strategies. I am fully appreciating their ideas to open up about the real importance on occasion.



This Apartment 34 has become a big professional business with a straight forward reason and superbly designed with few popular sharing buttons.  In this, there give many Life style related tips and awesome photos too, with that they have Shopping related photos which make you take perfect decision for your shopping purpose.


There are also many more life styles sites that you can follow:

  • KINLAKE: A new life style blog, that design, reductivism and many more creative things.


  • BLUEBIRD: This blog is operated by James, and quickly designed with style related things.


  • NIVOLE FRANZEN: In this blog, you can find gorgeous photos of foods, life, and travel.


  • A FASHION FIX:  Here is another one blog for the life style related sites.This is owned by Hannah Crosskey. She is passionate about his Fashion and style related Blog.


  • A PAIR & A SPARE: In this blog, you can find the details about the Travel. The owner of this blog is Geneva Vanderzeil who is a professional Blogger. And also a freelance writer.

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