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The topic itself must be so confusing to you, isn’t it?

Well, there are tons of affordable and trustworthy hosting services in the market for WordPress, but Bluehost does come to be the winner on my target list.

I trust it the most among all of the hosting services. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like or criticize the other brands.

To be honest I have been using Bluehost hosting for the last couple of years and eventually sometime for my client as well, what made me much attract to them is they never go for overselling themselves. They are eventually as simple as clear water and innovative to make a great work with the WordPress management. I would probably say that Bluehost is indeed best to my opinion..!

If you weren’t aware that Bluehost standing to the top among the hosting service providers which is highly recommended by WordPress, thus it proves to be the best…!

The best thing I do like in Bluehost is the server is scaled accurately in accordance with the performance while running WordPress. The most surprising are they duly offer bandwidth unlimited, premium support, unlimited storage and all the entire possibilities that you will be requiring for WordPress blog to run successfully.

I have noticed that Bluehost had made some improvement with their WordPress management recently, as that eventually includes free SSL, and to surprise you WordPress luckily get installed automatically.

  • You can sign up with Bluehost(use the link for discount)

Today I have come up with the easiest guide for you to learn about “How to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting.

Simple Guide on Installing WordPress Blog with Bluehost Hosting:

Bluehost is indeed the best options for the newbie to start a new blog and eventually earn money.

I have shared about on “how to start a new blog“, you do refer to that guide and start your new journey ahead…!

Now let me tell you why should you use Bluehost?

The most interesting part with Bluehost is that offers a standard cPanel hosting that duly comes with Fantastico. It is one of the simple way installing WordPress; else you can also go for manual installation of WordPress blog with Bluehost hosting. But to my point of view and experiences, I would rather suggest you use Fantastico, as it is very effective and wow some….!

If you are one of those who are in a dilemma using Bluehost, then I probably would suggest you get it for you…! To my further experiences, I have seen that while installing WordPress it requires a lot of technical help, and Bluehost indeed matches all of those criteria to help in those issues. Bluehost will do help you to handle low-medium traffic site with an ease. However, I will also recommend you to use the WordPress cache plug-in while using shared/VPS hosting.

Ok now let’s get started with how to install WordPress blog with Bluehost. For an example assume that you have a Bluehost account (sign up for Bluehost free).

  • First, you will need to login to your individual Bluehost account and then click on the “Hosting” that is located to top left corner of your screen. This will take you to your cPanel..!
    Bluehost cPanel
  • Secondly, you need to scroll to the location “Website” and by selecting “Install WordPress” in the given list.
  • Now you will see a screen with a different page, where you need to click on the “Install”.
  • After the installation is done, you will have to select the name of a domain to which you would like to do a WordPress installation.
  • However, I would like to notify you that, you can either decide to keep the domain name having “www” or just avoid having it, as seen people do love to keep their URLs in short.
  • Now you need to check for the domain, whether it is available or not, for that you will need to click the “Next” button.
  • After the procedure is done you need to click on the “Show advanced option”, on your screen.
  • Remember and check carefully, because now you will need to select only your username in WordPress, password, and log in as usual.

Note: Please do ensure that you do avoid selecting “Admin” for the username. In fact, you can go for other username and also go for the strong and complex password. Remember to mark on the “Automatically create a new database for this installation”.

  • After your username, password and login are set up with WordPress, click on the “Install Now” button, and soon the WordPress will be installing on your system…!
  • Note that it will consume you a couple of minutes, where you will need to wait while WordPress is under installing process.
  • Make sure that you don’t mistakenly close entire screen/page until unless you see the words appearing “Installation Complete” on your screen.
  • Now after all of this above procedure is done, you will be notified about your password and login id as usual.

Necessary work to be done after the installation of WordPress blog on Bluehost Hosting:

After the installation of WordPress on Bluehost there are some necessary works that you need to look and should not be avoiding it.

However, this will be taking you to another level either, for the guide do stay tuned with “TrueSolutionHub”.

But before I quit from this post, would like to remind you one thing is that do notify me if you are confused while installing WordPress blog with Bluehost Hosting. It will be my pleasure to help you indeed. If you do think this guide is helpful, do like and share with your friends and do let me know your experiences in the comment box below.

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